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  1. From Taoyuan International Airport "1F Immigration Floor"

    Upon arriving, visitors should go to the specific site on "1F Immigration Floor" either in Terminal 1 or 2.

    Terminal 1 Map

    Terminal 2 Map

  2. Driving direction: Please drive on National Highway No. 2 then head to National Highway No. 1, and finally go to Provincial Highway 62

    • After departing from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, please drive to National Highway No. 2.( )
    • It takes about 11.2 km(10 minutes) to drive from National Highway No. 2( ) to National Highway No. 1( ).
    • Please exit at "Nuannuan Rueifang Interchange " of National Highway No. 1( )and move to Provincial Highway 62.( )The distance is about 48.7 km(35 minutes).
  3. Then go to Provincial Highway 62(Wanruei Expressway)

    After exiting at Nuannuan Rueifang Interchange, please drive by following road indicators to Provincial Highway 62(Wanruei Expressway). Please exit at Rueifang Interchange and drive along the road following "Jiufen" road signs for approximately 15 minutes to reach Dragon Gate Inn.

  4. Please make left turn in front of Jiufen Elementary School

    While arriving Jiufen Old Street, please walk into the street and move to Kee-San Street No. 155 where you can find ladder up to the hill at street side. Please walk to the end of ladder to reach Jiufen Elementary School. Then turn left and walk few steps, you can see the "Dragon Gate Inn" sign clearly.

    Jiufen Old Street entrance is next to the 7-11 convenience store so that you can find it very quickly !

    Please walk up along the ladder. At the end of it, you can find Jiufen Elementary School in front of you and Dragon Gate Inn is just on the left side !