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ragon Gate Inn,
a Chinese-style homestay design in the combination of Oriental lattice frame and mahogany furniture

Dragon Gate Inn's Chinese-style design has always been popular among our visitors. In addition to its clean and comfortable internal layout, Dragon Gate Inn has also been laying with elegant texture featured marble floors, along with it Oriental frame lattice design that perfectly show its ingenuity decoration.The watercolor paintings hung on part of its walls and the porcelain with beautiful patterns placed at the staircase of its entrance become our visitors' favorite characteristics.For every traveler has chances to come to Dragon Gate Inn, we suggest you to take advantage of our third floor view balcony where you can enjoy a wonderful experience for a chat and scenic sunset while using our useful free tea and tea set !

The marble mosaics walls decorated at our welcoming lobby

An array of tourist brochures offer you endless attractive spots to visit with !

Our room design extends the use of mahogany furniture and simple bright furnishings. Those are what our innkeeper's so proud of.

To chat and drink tea beside the antiqued lantern and the hollow wooden board which sunlight would be penetrated through, our visitors can be offered resembled old-fashioned fun.

Our visitors can feel the stairs as a beautiful corner even sitting casually inside our inn

Afternoon is the best time for our visitors to enjoying sunshine landscape and beautiful sunset twilight

Watching those immense mountains outside the windows then sipping a cup of tea, our visitors can easily find their lives' little happiness and fortunate in front of them

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