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ragon Gate Inn,
an enormous inn hidden in Jiufen

Juifen's homestays were often built tightly one after another for conforming to the local mountainous landform, and most of them have no choice but limited room space. In contrast, "Dragon Gate Inn" is one of the rare homestays that offers every visitor different experience! All travelers can have wide space at Dragon Gate Inn's enormous rooms which particularly makes comfortable accommodation at Jiufen come true !

Our innkeeper had ever engaged in interior design before that helps accomplish our carefully organized room layout. While constructing an excellent homestay, we particularly considered the activity area and were in the hope to create an ideal open space for each visitor comes to Jiufen. Inside of our room, the remarkable marble walls and floors coupled with classical elegant mahogany furniture, frame lattice and screens, and a variety of delicate art handicrafts criss-crossed arranged that make it not only differentiate from Chinese nostalgia at ordinary homestays but become the charming attraction of Dragon Gate Inn!

Price List

Room Categories Weekday RateHoliday RateAdditional Person and BedLunar New Year Rate
Dragon Gate InnTwo-Person Mahogany Suite Room NTD 2,000NTD 2,400NTD 400/Per Person
NTD 500(Lunar New Year)
NTD 3,100
Four-Person Mahogany Suite RoomNTD 3,200NTD 3,600NTD 400/Per Person
NTD 500(Lunar New Year)
NTD 4,000
Dragon Gate Family CarnivalSix-Person in one Suite Room
Four-Person in one Room with Dorm Beds
Two-Person at one Elegant Room
Reserve Whole Building NTD 8,000Reserve Whole Building NTD 8,000-Reserve Whole Building NTD 10,000

You can directly order your desired room(s) by clicking room categories on our price list, or browse detail information of each building.

Online Booking

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■Reservation Information

  1. Please check the available room on our reservation system then place your order(s).
  2. Your order(s) will be established once confirmed by Dragon Gate Inn.Our system will inform you by SMS and E-mail of the deposit payment after confirming your order(s)(deposit is half of room price). Please use ATM or online credit card payment to pay your deposit within 3 days.
  3. For ATM transferring, please operate "remittance advice" after completing payment. We will verify your accounting records as soon as possible.
  4. After confirming to receive your payment, our system will immediately send SMS and E-mail messages for notifying you of the paying.

■ Remittance Information

  • Bank Code:700
  • Account No.:00113410096119
  • Account Name:CHIANG,HSIU-MEI


  1. Definitions of weekday:Weekday is referred to Sunday night to Thursday night(national holidays are excluded) when we only offer pick-up service without sending our guests.
  2. Dragon Gate Inn is not currently accepting reservations for visitors with pets. Should any inconvenience caused, your understanding is deeply appreciated
  3. Please notify 14 days in advance for cancellation of reservation.
  4. No refund if you cancel the reservation within 14 days prior to check-in.